Final judgment on the beans vs. no-beans controversy

Over the last several decades there has been a debate raging about whether or not it is ok to put beans in Texas chili. We at Blanco Valley Farms make the best chili mix in Texas and hereby issue a final ruling on the subject:

The case for no beans:

A highly vocal group of individuals claim that beans have no place in Texas chili. These folks have infiltrated chili cook-offs across the state and in many cases disqualify any chili containing beans. They claim that there should be no beans in Texas chili because early recipes did not include beans. This fact appears to be true: the earliest recipes don’t include beans. These purists live by the mantra 

“Anyone who knows beans about Texas chili knows there ain’t no beans in Texas chili”. 

The case for beans:

Although the very earliest recipes did not include beans, it didn’t take long before beans were a popular addition to Texas chili. This tradition was most likely started to make the chili “go farther” without the added cost of beef. What do you do when you planned to cook for 10 folks and 20 show up? Add beans. Although this was initially started for the sake of thriftiness, the beans added a novel flavor and texture that enhanced the chili, so most vintage recipes (except for the earliest) included beans.

The ruling:

Our ruling is first that the “beans about beans” mantra is too clever for any man to think up, and thus must have been surreptitiously invented by women who were sick of sharing a bed with a man who ate a lot of beans. As a result, this statement is null and void. Second, food evolves: chili without beans is more traditional, but chili with beans is more highly evolved. Finally, we hereby issue our own mantra: 
“Anyone who knows beans about Texans knows that Texans won’t be told what to do”. 
Thus, our final ruling is that beans are OK in Texas chili. This ruling is not subject to appeal and whining will not be tolerated.  At Blanco Valley Farms we include recipe choices for chili with or without beans.

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