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Chili Mix - A package of our chili seasoning is a blend of traditional Texas chili spices plus a generous portion of New Mexico red chili peppers to create a spicy but mild chili con carne. The recipe on the label shows you how to easily cook a pot of old fashioned chili that anyone can enjoy. 45 grams
Onion / Garlic Dip Mix - The original party dip. Ours includes paprika and cayenne. Mix with 8 oz of sour cream and 8 oz mayonnaise for a yummy dip. 20 grams
Spinach Dip Mix - Our most popular dip mix is loaded with dehydrated fresh spinach flavored with onion, garlic, and basil. 20 grams
​Jalapeño Dip Mix - Good portions of jalapeños, along with seven other peppers and spices make this a tasty surprise for those who like it "pretty warm". 20 grams
Habanero Dip Mix (hot) - A party favorite. We've included enough of the world's hottest pepper to a mix of great spices to make dip very hot, but not suicidal. 20 grams

Jalapeño Salsa Mix - Just add this package to two cans of tomatoes to create a great fresh salsa with jalapeño peppers, onion, garlic, cilantro and lemon. 15 grams
Jalapeño BBQ Sauce – A unique blend of jalapenos and other spices gives slight heat to this smoky BBQ sauce. 18 ounces
Cowboy Caviar - A black-eyed pea salsa with a variety of tasty peppers and spices. (Sorry no fish eggs!) 16 ounces
Habanero Salsa - Fresh habanero peppers in modest amounts, as well as jalapeño peppers spice up this high quality salsa. 16 ounces
Jalapeño Jelly - The Texas Jelly. Try it on toast or use as a glaze for meats. 10 ounces
Strawberry Chipotle Jam – A slight smoked pepper flavor gives this jam a special taste. 10 ounces
Apricot Jalapeño Jam - Just a subtle taste of the peppers. A super glaze for meat or just pour over cream cheese. 10 ounces

Candied Jalapeños - "Sweet And Hot" Jalapeño slices. Please try them on a cracker with cream cheese. 12 ounces
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All In One Sauce -  The name says it all. Check in the recipe section of our site to see how this packet will change the way you cook from now on!

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